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Hi everyone,
I’m Noreen and live in Blackpool. I am a carer for my son who has aspergers. He is 30 now. In 2018 after caring for my mum for the last 5 years of her life she sadly died on 19th December 2018. I am really struggling to carry on living without her as I have chronic daily headache, fibromyalgia and recently being diagnosed with aspergers and PTSD. Since she died I have tried ending my life a few times as don’t want to live anymore. I also have severe depression on top of everything else plus health has got worse since losing mum.

Ho Noreen, welcome to the forum.
Does your son live with you? How much care does he need?
When did you last have a break on lyour own, doing something nice for yourself??

Hi Noreen,

I’m sorry to hear about your Mum.
You are dealing with a lot health wise and must miss her very much. Are you receiving any help to cope with your recent diagnosis and ongoing health needs?

Please contact your GP or self refer yourself or contact Mind for support How to access mental health services - NHS

Are you getting any support re your Aspergers? The National Autistic Society is a good place to start. Some counties have a local branch too. Advice and guidance

If you feel suicidal please contact the Samaritans