Hi i'm a newbie ...

I am a Londoner bur we moved to Co Durham in August 2020
I have physical and mental health problems .We now live in a fully accessible Bungalow.
Hubby is my carer,my daughter is my support but once lockdown is over I hope to get a weekly cleaner at least. I get a little fraught when having professional carers in. Ironic as I was a careworker then elderly care manager all my working life :wink:

We unintentionally have ended up with my husbands son age 22 sofa surfing in our spare room. He is in denial of any problems although was diagnosed with Aspergers and mental health issues. That are causing havoc for us. I may need some non judgemental advice sometime.

Anyway looking forward to chatting with some of you

Hi Caz, welcome to the forum.
At one stage I was caring for youngest son with learning difficulties, now 41, and all four parents, in various ways.
I’ve also been cared for by my husband after major surgery, then after he passed away my eldest son, now 43, was supporting me after I was disabled in a car accident, unable to walk properly, yet still supporting mum and son.
A few years later I had two knee replacements, I’ll never be able to lead mountain walks as I did in my teens, or go hiking on rough ground, but at least I can now walk pain free.
It’s odd being cared for and carer at the same time.
Has your son had any support from Social Services? Where did he used to live before “sofa surfing” with you?