New member caring for my mother

Hello my names Karen I am a new member, I look after my mother who has been diagnosed with cancer. I don’t live with her although since she found out she has cancer she doesn’t feel she can be left one her own so I’ve been staying with her for the past two months.

Her chemo starts next week and will be 12 weeks in total. Obviously I can’t leave her and she will need to shield but my question is do I shield too? And as a carer is it best to get the vaccination for covid. I have had to stop working to support my mum. I want to help in any way I can to support her and will do whatever it takes but just need to know what’s best to keep her safe, to stay in and shield with her or to be able to go out shopping for us etc ?

Any helpful advise is much appreciated thanks


I am concerned about your situation.
Are you now planning to live with mum permanently?
How old are you and mum?

Hello Karen and welcome

Have a look through our guidance on Coronavirus and caring, there’s a section on staying safe:

You might like to have a look through our general help and advice pages too and make sure you’re getting all the support you’re entitled to.:

Best wishes