I’m caring for my elderly mother, it’s a me thing. My mum is sweet and lovely and we share a wicked humour, she is not demanding but her care needs can be sometimes. She has all her faculties, doesn’t miss a thing, she has very poor mobility, a few progressive conditions and I notice her deterioration each year, but we are doing alright.

We have a great Dr, all the home equipment that she needs supplied, a blue badge and the requisite benefits.
All the various legal paperworks and arrangements are done, we’ve had the upsetting and courageous conversations, the elephants have left the room and we can concentrate on quality of life.

This summer will mark 7 years of the roller coaster ride and learning curve, battles with the district nurse wanting to put her in a home and me telling the Dr that I am here caring for her and have LPA, preventing unsafe discharges from hospital and battles with care company, reporting them to CQC and ending the contract forthwith, we’ve had some events and challenges over the years.

My aim is quality of life for my mum, every day is a bonus and I try to make things fun, albeit there have been hospital stays from mild to severe to touch-and-go.

We count our blessings that we are so fortunate to be in the position that we are in, we truly are. We have our routines, I get me time and exercise, things are going well at the moment.

Live for today and let the bleak future take care of itself when it comes, if it comes, it will be a new learning curve, the Dr will discuss whatever whenever - we have a great working relationship, they have a copy of the LPA - there’s no crystal ball for what and when or which way her body will go, things will be set in place for her care and I know what her wishes are.

Hi Breezy,

welcome to the forum.

It sounds like you will be able to use your experience to support others. And we are for you too, of course.