New here - struggling at present

I just joined today. I’m a carer for a close relative who has bipolar disorder, and I’m really struggling at present.

We live together and have done for several years. He was stable for some time but - for reasons I am unsure of - recently he seems to be having outbursts of rage. It’s verbal, not physical. It’s usually directed at me and is extremely upsetting. He can be perfectly normal and then suddenly, something will trigger his anger. At this point he becomes extremely difficult to reason with and I feel very alone in coping with this.

I’m trying to find some sort of support group for carers in my area but meanwhile am feeling very low.

We have no other family and although I have friends, they are all going through things themselves right now.

Thanks for reading.

Hi Sara

If you aren’t aware of these two websites have a look at them and they will be very informative.
I have no knowledge to advise you here, a fellow undergrad was bi polar and at the end of a term he was going into a manic phase and I am wondering if there are warning signs of one approaching.

Is he taking his meds, is a doctors appointment needed to review medications?

There is a link below for what to do in an emergency, please read it and be aware of how to get that help if needed.

Keep checking back for replies from any others who care for/live with a bi polar person.

Bi Polar website and community

Urgent help


Please tell us more


You’re not alone, you are here. Do check back in case there are more helpful replies from others.

Have a look at the links in my reply above and see if they are useful to you.