New here not to being a carer

My first post was a bit of a rant , sorry about that , and apologies if it offended.

I am 64,live in Scotland and care for my 86 year old Mum with incontinence, Alzheimers and mobility issues.
I think I am very luck to live here as I do get help from the local authority with the personal care , and some feeding etc. So I do not have to be there every day , which for me is essential for my own health.

I was put into an asylum when I was 17 and haven’t looked back, my broken brain is still with me and doing a splendid job isolating me from the world, and making my life hell. I drank alcohol for years to excess,and took a lot of drugs, I had HCV and my liver is damaged. I have chronic arthritis and damaged spine. I have a borderline personality disorder so can not socialise or keep friends.
I am still recovering from Covid which I did not get until April this year.
I have a fantastic dog called H, and I live in a lovely quiet housing estate , with my own bit of garden. If I could never leave home I would be very content.

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Hi Simon. We all need a rant now and then. I’ve done a few in my time on other forums…

Until a couple of years ago I was caring for my Mum with dementia - along with the rest of my caring situation - until she went into hospital in late 2020 and then into a care home. She died at Christmas, aged 86.

Sorry to hear about your health issues: I’m well acquainted with some of them personally, as they say - the arthritis and spinal issues for certain, which doesn’t help where my wife’s needs are concerned, as she has an “incomplete” spinal cord injury, which restricts her mobility massively. We get by, but some days are definitely not fun! Sounds like you were pretty lucky to avoid Covid until April, as you must be among the more vulnerable people. Hope you can avoid it for the future.

We miss having a dog but it wouldn’t be fair on one these days: we don’t get out enough to make it work for a dog. Is H a pampered pet? :wink:

Welcome to the forum. I too am a part time unpaid carer for my grandma who had a stroke many years ago. She can walk but finds it hard. I am also busy. You are in my prayers.