***new forum migration - please read***

Hello forum members

We have reached an exciting point in the evolution of our forum community, we will be migrating to a new platform in the next couple of weeks.

We will be migrating all the posts with activity since our GDPR exercise just over 4y ago. If you wish to ensure an older post is transferred, please ‘bump’ it by posting a new comment/reply to it in the coming week.

The older posts will stay in a locked version of our current forum to be accessed by staff in case of a request from a member.

Thanks to all 10 of our ‘beta testers’ who have reviewed the new forum and shared really useful feedback, which we will use to make it even better. You may have noticed difficulties with the current forum in terms of functionality, particularly passwords, so we are relieved to have a solution forthcoming.

The new forum is undeniably different, with a more graphic/lighter look and features borrowed from social media - we hope it will serve all your needs and help us grow the community by attracting new members.

Thanks for bearing with us during the switchover, and I look forward to posting on the new forum with you in a couple of weeks.

All best wishes

Aaron Dryden
Director of Carer Support

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