Carers clap It's all about the paid carers moan

Have seen a lot of news articles about carers lately but its all about paid carers.
Social care workers who are providing vital care and support to their clients.

The Carers clap for NHS workers who are on the frontline.

But how about the unpaid carers, I am sick and tired of fighting these paid people, the Bureaucracy the red tape.

The lack of communication, the lack of recognition of me who is having to deal with all the issues that they
the paid people cause.

And these people are complaining to me about their conditions, that I am lucky I am not doing their job.

Why don’t they swap for the day, no pay but work for 24 hours.

Our title of “Carer” has now been completely and utterly hijacked.

The problem is, we who are carers have been forcibly made, not to be recognised, by the very services being clapped and recognised firstly as more important.

Totally agree

NHS etc are amazing

But so are we.

Unfortunately I cant see anything changing.

The LA know we wont walk away

So do the government.

We cannot walk away as many live with the people we care for, would basically be homeless.

I just feel totally unappreciated, no one is listening or understanding, get the same old cobblers from all these paid so called professionals.
Who have specific NHS guidance but don’t know about choose to ignore but then quote NHS rules, it’s a case of
pick which rule is best for them and not for the patient .
Supposed to be patient centred, think patient first.

May as well go and talk to the hedge for all the good they are doing.

I feel the same londonbound, as in the same situation as a carer. It’s the deception and lies I have encountered along the way and the oppressive nature they have conducted whilst I care. Also the lack of respect or consideration, the looking down on me because of my circumstances and then the lack of follow-through from those who as paid.


I will not clap for Boris either…Not a single chance after being stabbed in the back, by the Coronavirus Act.

How many carers here EVER have the opportunity to live a “normal” life at any time?

Hiya Bowlingbun, That is true and mainly thanks to the decisions of paid staff working for ‘the ugly sister’ services.