Need help with COPD pensioner

Hi, Ive been helping an elderly neighbour who has COPD and is on oxygen 24 hours a day. Im not this gents carer, but Long story short is that we had a powercut last year and his machine cut out. I just saw him by chance outside trying to get someones attention. His oxygen levels had dropped and I called for an ambulance and ive been going in every morning and every night since.

He lives on his own and he has me constantly checking the hose from his machine to make sure its not kinked or damaged and the poor guy is a bag of nerves and worries about it all the time. Its actually starting to get me down as well. Ive had phone calls from him at work, when im out and even phoned me at 4 am because his cannula had fallen out. Hes also has a walking stick and constantly moving the hose with the stick then gettin so out of breath.

I had a look at the automatic reel thing that takes the hose in and out but he said no. So had read about a coiled hose but cant seem to buy one anywhere. Can anyone recommend where I could buy or any tips ??

Hes a stubborn man and when i try and suggest a simple way of doing things he just goes off on one at me. Lol


What a good neighbour you are. How generous you have been with your time. Does he have not other friends and family. There should be a needs assessment done by Social Services. Hose -there company/health organisation that supplies his equipment should deal with it.

You are in too deep. Social Services should be helping him.

Hi, Yes he has a carer in the morning and a carer at dinner time although its pointless them being there as he only lets them make the bed. He doesn’t let them make him anything to eat, so I think he has issues with hygiene. He only lets me make him a coffee but wont let me touch bread or anything else.

He does have family but they rarely visit, but speaking to people who knew him earlier in his life all said the same thing ’ He wasn’t a nice man to anyone’ So my guess is thats the reason he doesnt have any visitors.

I know am in too deep and should never have got too involved and I also know hes using emotional psychology on me because when I say ‘right need to get over the road’ he will start struggling to breathe and cries. And Im a first class sucker lol. Even my wife has told me to grow a backbone :laughing:

Anyway, I think if we could get this green hose sorted then it would calm him down as hes got me checking it for kinks and straightening it out every time im in. The company who supply the hoses say these are the only ones they have but im thinking if i could get him the one that re coils then it might help him.

No, he will then invent something else!!

Unfortunately. once you sort the hose (if possible he properly knows you can’t) - he will find another way to control you.

Tell him to explore options available, and keep practising breathing and gently lead himself to better breathing it will be less stressful for him. Good luck and i wish you all the best.