Need help to write dwp complaint letter

In need of someone to help me write a letter of complaint to dwp.
There are a few things that are an issue

  1. Repeated compliance interviews following anonymous fraud claims (believe them to be by former neighbour following her arrest for assaulting me and a stalking offence since we moved)
  2. Lack of support and advice given by advisors when sought.
  3. Stress and anxiety caused by the way the letters are worded.
  4. Acusory stance/tone used by compliance officer on day of interview.

These are all the things I want to add but have no idea how to word it.

Several replies across forums found in an Internet search.

( Scope / Disability Rights / MumsNet / Consumer Advice and several others. )

Bottom line ?

CAB … they have the inhouse expertise to assist :

Given the potential civil law issues involved , CAB recommended.

Of course CAB, no idea why they didn’t come to my mind.

I used local MP and issue was sorted within a few days. Different problems to your own, but I had too much stress going on at the time and his office staff took it off my hands. They all have contacts within main DWP.

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