Need Caring Help

My Mum-in-law (84 )
has dementia and today her sole carer - my sister-in-law, has taken a bad fall and is in hospital (she’s 60 with osteoporosis ).Does anybody know where we go to access carers ? We are up North and mum-in-law is in Surrey .Private care is out of the question as none of us can afford to pay .Any help appreciated in directing us .Mum lives in Addlestone , my sister-in-law may also end up needing care , currently in St Peters Chertsey .
thank you.
ps she doesn’t receive any help or direct payments at the moment .

Ring Social Services and ask for emergency support, if no carers are available, then emergency respite.

Whether or not someone has to contribute to their care depends on that persons financial situation. Under no circumstances should they ask relatives to pay!

Is MIL claiming Attendance Allowance?
Exemption from Council Tax?
Does anyone have Power of Attorney?
DWP Appointeeship?
Does MIL own or rent her property?

THANKS Sunny ,just taken the out of hours number down which is a big help.

BB , don’t know what happened to your reply .No she has no power of attorney ,we couldn’t persuade his sister to get it .She lives with his sister in a council house (the sisters house ) , gets attend allow , not sure about the other thing , prob gets help with council tax .
thanks for the fast reply !

When things settle down, someone needs to sort out the Council Tax exemption.
Don’t worry, it’s a very easy one page form. Most importantly though, is the fact that it can be backdated.
Martin Lewis, the TV money specialist, says the highest figure reclaimed so far, that he knows about is £8,000.

I’ve had 10 carees in total over a period of 45 years or so, now retired, only my son with learning difficulties now.
Happy to help anyone avoid the many pitfalls I came across. I hate the cold so in winter I’m home a lot and check my emails usually as I’m waiting for my coffee to cool. I used to write a magazine, so type fairly quickly.

Well disappointed that no one down South was remotely interested in taking down the carers emergency number .My SIL has fractured 3 bones in her back and one in her neck , but she is being sent home with morphine .She says she’ll manage and she always has to have things done her way so in other words back off , no help required .We tried .We went down recently to give respite but she didn’t make use of us freeing her up so I shouldn’t be surprised really .
Thanks for the input , good luck to all x