Need advice Universal Credit

Does Universal Credit pay part of a claimant’s rent directly to the landlord/landlady or indirectly via the claimant. I understood it was the former but M had a phone call from them yesterday morning, telling him that they usually paid the rent to the claimant who was supposed to then pay it to the landlord/lady. Now we’re both confused.

The idea of UC was for claimants to budget their money. Therefore claimant were payed and then to pay the landlords. I understand if there are exceptionable circumstances the rent can be paid directly to a landlord. If the person you are helping would struggle maybe it would be best to have it pay straight to the landlord.

It should also be very easy to set up a DD to make sure rent is paid promptly each month to landlord.

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I would suggest you call our helpline for any queries relating to Universal Credit. You can contact them on 0808 808 7777 from Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm or by email on

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