Universal Credits Claim Nightmare

When M moved into rented accommodation he was advised to apply for Housing Benefit, but was then told that he wouldn’t be eligible for that and that he should apply for Universal Credits and part of his rent would be paid. His claim was successful, although he had to keep bringing his wages slips to the jobs and benefits office as proof of wages. Then the Universal Credits office informed him that his benefit had been stopped and he would have to reclaim. When I enquired about it I was told it was because of the level of his wages. The questions on the claim form are very confusing, but we managed to get it completed. It is especially disconcerting when the message comes back that the claimant must do what they can to get extra work, etc… Thankfully the local Community Advice Centre is helping us with this.

I feel so sorry for people battling with a Universal Credits claim on their own with no one to help them with it.