National Insurance Contributions while on Training for Work

I have just been looking through my National Insurance contributions record on the tax service website and when I have been on Training for Work through my local job centre there are no NI contributions paid by the jobcentre. All I got was my benefits + £10 a week. There are two times this has happened. The first was a microsoft certification course run by a private training company but I did it under training for work. The second was a business startup course with 6 months test trading (under training for work). Both times my NI contributions have been upaid. Luckily I can still pay the second one myself to make up my state pension.

I think it is worth asking them about this, asking if a mistake has been made and if someone has overlooked making that contribution for you.

After some research, I found out that I should start off by contacting this address with any evidence that I have got.

Individuals Caseworker
National Insurance contributions and Employers Office
HM Revenue and Customs

I would urge all carers to check their NI records. If you get CA then you should automatically have NI credits to go towards your pension. I checked mine about 15years ago and there were lots missing. If they muck up they have to put it right, regardless of time…Much better to do this every few years than have a nasty shock when you retire.

I’m 60. I’ve got 15 years on my record where I did not contribute enough. I need to make sure the next 7 years are fully paid up to get the full state pension. I think there are mistakes on the website because apparently I have 86 weeks of contributions from the time I left school in august 1978 to next april 1979.