Narcissistic parent

I’m new on here and hoping to find people who are currently going through the same thing or have experienced someone who suffers with narcissistic behaviour- I have been reading a lot about this and I’m almost certain my mum has this- I’m an only child always been very close she’s always ensured I’ve had nice things and lots of holidays ( just me and her) my dad is in my life but they broke up when I was very young he’s in my life but acts as a peacemaker in this situation…she has a partner( who I’m not speaking to due to her behaviour and his ) I feel like I have played more than the daughter role more like a best friend and someone to make/ keep happy which I’ve always done as she’s my mother but over the years her controlling, jealous and manipulative behaviour is taking it’s toll- I’m in a relationship and as this is progressing her behaviour is becoming out of control she’s very jealous but she’s done things a mother really shouldn’t think of nothing drastic just very hurtful - I’m nearly 29 and I want to have my own life and obviously as an only child I want her in my life but she’s making this seem impossible right now she’s very clever how she is with people ensuring people are on her side and I’m the bad person she’s very fiery and confident where I’m more reserved and caring -I’m suffering with anxiety and have done for many years help !

Welcome to the forum. I only realised how my mum did this to me in my sixties!

Find out if your GP can either arrange for, or suggest a counsellor who can discuss with you how to manage mum’s behaviour.

Do you live with mum? If so, it’s time to develop an Escape Plan. We can help.