Narcissist Mother- maybe?

Im new on here, im just hoping to find someone who knows or has experienced similar things to me- this situation is about my mum- someone who ive been very close too, as an only child ive been her life and she has been mine, but its getting to the point now where i am stuggling how to deal or cope- her behaviour is abnormal to me, she has always taken me away on holidays and bought me nice things but she has huge problems with me getting close to people especially boyfriends she causes problems that are not there she has caused problems with my current partner and his family- she is very different to me and very fiery, confident and says exactly what she thinks, i have always done everything for her in respect of being her companion with a snap of a finger or taken her on days/evening outs, she has always said we are more like best friends, she has a partner but her relationship hasnt progressed infact past relationships have never worked out, but now its becoming so much that she is causing me so much distress becuase my life is taking a different path to hers, i want to settle down and get a house with partner but she isnt behind me at all she offers no encouragement unless she is involved in someting she kicks off its left me being a bag of nerves and dealing with low mood/ anxiety… i feel i have to do everything she wants or its war… i only wish i had siblings to share this with but i dont-she is my mother who i love dearly but she is taking over and potentially ruining my life- ive been reading up on narcissist and she seems to have afew of these traits…any advice would be greatley received

Do you still live with her?
How old is she? You?
Someone I know moved to Australia to avoid his controlling mum!

Give up expecting her encouragement or approval for anything that doesn’t involve her! It isn’t going to happen, don’t live perpetually disappointed.
What happens when she plays up when she doesn’t get her own way?
What do you then do?

The only power she has over you is the power you let her have.

You have been conditioned since birth to do what she wants, and you are still being the obedient daughter as an adult. Stop it! It took counselling when I was 60 to show me that was what I was doing.