My partner is being made redundant - claiming CA

My partner wants to claim CA when he’s made redundant at the end of the month. He’s getting 3 months salary in lieu of notice. Can he claim CA as he leaves work or must he wait until the 3 months are over? Most grateful if anyone knows. Will ring CA unit later but like to know as much as posssible first. He’s claiming for our son, I have an underlying entitlement as I claimed for years until I got State Pension, and he’s got a few more years before he’s as old as me :wink: Thanks!

The above thread but be of help although it’s quite an old one. And many things may have changed.

You need to speak to Carers UK advice line…

Yes, get him to apply asap. It will also mean that he will not be required to “look for work”.

Our CUK helpline will be able to go through everything with you in confidence. Can I ask how old your son is, and what sort of help he needs, and why?

Do you have any long term plans for him, when you are no longer able to care for him?