My Mum's previous Carer gossiping at other Care Agency

I didn’t know which section to post this on.

One of the Carers at my Mum’s previous Care Agency has moved to the Care Agency my friend has. Recognized him from when she tended my Mum, and is gossiping about me everytime she’s assigned to him; to the extent of telling him to phone me when she’s there.

I class this as her harassing him, and not supporting him in her job. He’s not happy about the situation, and has told one of his other Carers that he doesn’t want this person assigned him anymore. They stopped sending her round for a bit, but unfortunately she has been put back on his rota.

I have encouraged my friend to speak with his Mum, she doesn’t seem interested. I’ve encouraged he phone the Care Agency office, he says it goes through to the answerphone; which he is not keen on leaving messages.

I have been weighing up to phone the office myself, but don’t want to come across as ‘interfering’, as his Mum’s not keen on me.

Next thing I’m thinking is, of telling my friend to tell his Mum; if she doesn’t sort it, I’ll phone the office myself as it’s unfair on him - so at least I’m giving her the chance to deal with it. As in the past she’s encouraged my friend ‘You know you can talk to me about anything’. But since she has remarried, she ignores him and I end up supporting him.

Surely this Carer gossiping is unprofessional?

Post Edit. Since posting this, I have just done a quick search of the Care Agency’s details and have come across their on-call phone number. I’ll pass this onto my friend, then he’ll be able to explain the situation and cancel any visits as necessary. At least that would give peace of mind, and avoid me being the bad guy.

Hi Butterfly,
its a tricky one. The care worker is acting unprofessionally as they are not maintaining your and your Mum’s confidentiality. However, I don’t think its something you can sort out on his behalf - unless you are recognised as his representative. He needs to be the one contacting the agency and requesting not to have this care worker any more and explain why. I’m sure you are not the only one they are gossiping about - they are probably gossiping about all their clients including you friend - and I definitely wouldn’t a gossip looking after me or S. He can try the on call number or ring the number he has and request a call back from the manager back or put his request in writing/email. He could also make a complaint about the care worker, if necessary.


I’ll pass the on-call phone number to him and tell him he needs to speak with the Manager about this. He’s always had Carers who he’s formed a bond with and that he can get on with. I’ve encouraged him that he has rights, but he’s dependent on his Mum to deal with things.

It’s the constant whinging to him whilst they’re with him that’s the problem, they go on and on at him - they only shut up for 5 mins when he tells them to; then continue.

That’s terrible. Can he secretly record them?!
Then go to CQC?