My Mum's Care Agency situation

My Mum has had the current Care Agency since 2015. They have caused no end of problems discriminating, ignoring + disrespecting my involvement. To the extent of failing to inform a lot more sooner of my Mum’s loss of weight, as I’d noticed for at least the past couple of years her reduction in food intake. Due to my Mum’s Dementia she’s too unwell for the Carers to hoist her out of bed, but still they encourage dressing her + leaving her in bed with a view of getting her up the Lunch call. I can’t have any say in this, as the response would be ‘it’s your Mother’s choice’ - yeh, more like what the Care Agency dictate as + what they choose. Coz I’ve asked my Mum and she prefers to stay in bed in her nightie.

This Care Agency are pestering me for a date for a ‘Review’. I have stipulated they send me details of what was implemented the last Review, as nothing has changed or improved. I even got the local MP involved.

I tried engaging the help of Carers with the new Fridge/Freezer today. I emailed the Care Manager Monday gone, stating from yesterday everything was stored in a bucket in the garage where it cool. But when I got there, they’d opened a new carton of milk, which I found in the turned-off Fridge - the Carers must have been blind; coz the light’s off. I left a very large cardboard notice on the front of the Fridge with details I emailed the Care Manager - but obviously nothing was passed on to the Carers. Even though I phoned the Care Manager last Friday, where she encouraged me to let her know beforehand. Emailing Monday this week was enough notice for her to inform the Carers - if she had a mind to.

So even if/when they send me any ‘proof’ of what they deem has been added to my Mum’s Care Plan, doesn’t mean anything. The real proof is nothing’s improved for the better: they don’t care. Whatever ‘Review’ they insist on is not needed. I have sent an email of Complaint to the Council’s Commissioning Team telling them just that.

I phoned Adult Care Services today enquiring about getting a Personal Budget for my Mum, so I could organize an independent Care Agency. They phoned back with costings of what they’d provide and the difference with an independent Care Agency: £16 per hour what they’d fund, the independent Care Agency would cost £19 per hour and my Mum would have to pay the difference. I explained my Mum’s paying enough already, as she should be qualifying for Continuing Health Care - the response; ‘I can’t change protocol’. As long as they get paid by Tax Payers money, they don’t give a toss. A taste of their own medicine seriously well overdue!

I’ve got someone looking into chronic Human Rights issues by all ‘professionals’. Even the right to family involvement has been consistently disrespected. Enough is more than enough.

Go with your gut feeling as much as possible. Can you change to the other care company or not? £3 is not a huge difference in price. Also complain politely. For anything more than £10 you need to be able to trust most of the support workers if not all.

I appreciate what you’re saying Leah. My Mum needs 2 Carers 4 times a day, but would need to top up what Social Services would fund in a Personal Budget. They pay for 1 Carer, and my Mum has to pay for the other.

Social Services said my Mum would need to have a Review. I don’t know it that would mean updating the Care Plan. Not been updated for some time, as Social Services have made things as difficult as possible in making me so stressed.

I’ve always had trouble with Social Workers. They have constantly undermined my involvement in my Mum’s care, and manipulated how they’ve asked her questions so they get the responses they that suits them.

Complain to who? However much I have complained it’s always fallen on deaf ears, as all involved are more interested in treating me as the bad guy …Why? Their response my Mum’s got mental capacity to shut me up. Which adds to my stress, which they interpret as aggression.

What about employing private carers? You would need to insist on a DBS check and check all references yourself but if you are not concerned about that, then this is a alternative option. If you like to dictate who you can hire, I wholly recommend this option.

This is a old thread on private carers I found on here

Try contacting your local social services department to ask. Or you can search online for private carers. This is a good online directory of private care workers in Britain have a look

Or you can always put a advert in a local newspaper asking for private carers. It is worth a go. You don’t deserve this stress!

Hi Leah, I just checked out the first link you provided. I am in touch with our local CarersTrust4All that I had as sitting-in services when I had a Carers Budget; who I have in mind to change to and told me to get back in touch after Christmas. I have a myriad of things needing to juggle to get to that stage.

As for private carers, too complicated. As we’d be stuck if they’d need to take time off, as my Mum needs 2 carers at each visit 4 times a day.

Anyone who can lend me their magic wand - in the form of a silver tongue to deal with impossible officials please let me know😉

Thanks anyway.

Have you considered a care home? I’m sorry you are having to deal with this nonsense! I wish I could provide more suggestions.

Don’t worry Leah, you’re suggestions are gratefully received.

My Mum was in a Care Home, the Stroke Consultant pressured me in putting her in one as he stressed she needed 24 hour care. But the Care Home wasn’t suitable, for various reasons which I ended up getting Social Services involved.

My Mum wants to remain in her own home, as the respite incident Social Worker placed my Mum in 2015 for 3 weeks, was a very traumatic experience for both of us (long story).

I’m in the process of getting help dealing with Care Agency/Care Fees situation. As my Mum should be entitled to NHS Continuing Health Care…Been fighting an uphill battle since my Mum had the Strokes May 2012.

I know what you mean about uphill battles! I recently asked the council if they could send someone from their social services team to come to my flat to conduct a needs assessment so we could start getting funding for adaptive equipment for Logan to learn how to use. Talk about a ridiculous pointless scene by the council! That is what happened last week. I carefully documented their silly response to my reasonable request.
I also involved the higher ups. Now looking at alternative options. We were treated badly by them.

So sorry you’ve had such a hard time yourself Leah. What this country needs is an undisputable strong voice the Government can’t and won’t ignore. For local authorities to act according to their Community’s needs and not according to stone age attitudes/systems/procedures. Those in power have a duty to Tax-payers who fund their wages, to serve the public responsibily; not the other way round which is what their attitude are always about. There is money there - just the mismanagement of funds. After-all not like Social Workers get a pay cut, if anything they get pay rises.

You should campaign seriously!

I have observed that as Logan’s mom a lot of so called professionals have terrible listening and communication skills so I have requested a new doctor. I have attended bad appointments with my son in tow that puzzled me. We don’t need respite care but we do need adaptive equipment. I intend to use the DLA money to fund his adaptive equipment when it comes. I filled out the forms last week. I am awaiting a response. I am going to ring on Monday to chase up on things. Have you seen the depressing news articles on here or not about all of the unapproved funding cuts and reduced services?

The people of Britain really deserve better/should be angry with themselves.