My disabled daughter Is now receiving 90 minutes care

Due to my wifes health we have had to call on Social Services for help with our severely disabled daughter Julie aged 52. Julie is now receiving 90 minutes care per day. Although my daughter is on benefits including income support. She/we have been told we must contribute towards this care. How is this cost worked out?
I was always under the impression that if a person was on Income support there would be no charge.
It would appear that as two 80+ year old parents who do not get any financial support have to care for her for 22.5 hours per week, but do not receive any financial help other than our daughters benefits.


Hello Harry

Does your daughter live with you.

Social Service have to carryout a financial assessment.

What does your daughter receive other than income support. Does she received DLA or PIP.

I suggest you make contact with Carers UK helpline. Where you can discuss the issue in more detail.

You can also fill in a contact form om lineā€¦