Grateful New member

Hello, I am new to the forum. I and my partner care for our adult daughter with schizophrenia.
I have appreciated reading the posts, sometimes I feel devastated about how she is suffering and I am so sad. I no longer feel as lonely since joining this space, Thank you

Welcome Ula! :heart:

It is very lonely at times isn’t it? I had a bad day last week and it all got too much for me and I had a good old cry. I don’t think any of us expect to still be caring for adult offspring. My daughter caused a lot of anguish this past week and even though I know she can’t really help it (she has LD and autism) there are days when I wish I didn’t have to bother with all this. Oh for some time with no worries!

Then I am wracked with guilt for feeling like this because I know some carers have it a lot worse than me caring for people with profound disabilities who need 24/7 care.

Are there any support groups locally for yourself and daughter?

Hi Ula,

welcome to the forum. Sending you cyber support.

Does your daughter live with you?


Our daughter lives on her own but cannot really cope and does not want to live with us. We visit everyday and worry all the time.
I feel scared for her.
I am really hoping a change of medication will help.
Yes like you say it can be beyond bearing the feelings of caring, it has been 8 years now.
I got out for a walk today and that helped, the blossom just starting lifted my spirits.
Warm wishes.

Hi Ula,
better that she has own place.

Glad the walk helped, lovely to see signs of spring. Perhaps its something you can incorporate into your daily routine.

A very wise person who used to post on here, used to say that looking after ourselves and modelling what a healthy life looked like (daily routines, enough sleep, exercise, eating properly, interests etc) was the best way to help someone with mental health issues.


Wonderful to have self care made extra meaningful by thinking of it as setting an example.
Wise; thankyou.