My Daughter suffers from BPD

My Daughter is 31 years old and whist suffering from drink and drug abuse for quite a while has recently been diagnosed with BPD.

We do not have bouts of anger but she will have a period of two weeks with no drinking and all is fine. She will then suddenly disappear so that she can drink. This lasts for a couple of days and then comes home and she is back to ‘normal’.

Although she has been in relationships most have not lasted and she comes back to her family home.

She has her own room with TV, etc but feels that at 31 she shouldn’t be living with her parents. Whilst in the past she has been employed she is not currently working and has lost her driving licence.

Although she will speak in general about things, especially to her Mother, she will not discuss things in details and she will not seek professional help. She did spend 28 days in rehab prior to being diagnosed with BPD but lapsed less than one week after being released.

Hi Alan,
just on my way to bed, so just a quick answer,

There are members of the forum with experience of caring for someone with BPD, so hopefully they will be along to respond to your post.

MIND came up with the following links re mental health and housing, which may be of use