Mums behaviour

Mum recently moved into sheltered accommodation with support staff, she has emotionally used me for years. Today s the last straw, she called me screaming and distressed I had to leave my family again to attend her. She has been taken to A and E even though there is nothing really wrong except psychological problems. No services want to know, it is all left to me I spent weeks setting up the flat which she begged and now she wants to go back in care home after two weeks. I am absolutely exhausted and shattered just can’t cope any longer. What if they send her back to the flat with no carers at the weekend?


You should say that you will NOT be available at all. Don’t be available. If she has carers usually then it will be unsafe discharge if non are available. Make that clear to them, that you can no longer cope. I understand it won’t be easy.
Others will be along I’m sure to advise.

Contact the hospital pals dept …

You MUST record mum screaming down the phone etc. Maybe she has always been a bit like this, but dementia can bring out previous traits even more, I understand, like the brakes coming off, and not knowing when to stop. While you keep running after her I doubt that anyone is going to do something. I know it’s hard, but you must unplug your phone or go out for the day. You need a well earned break from all this.