Mum in hosp 12 weeks.told i have 2 make fresh claim

My mum was in hospital for 12 weeks there but home now thank god. When i phoned ca sent me a form to reapply as if i was a new claimant. Any other time I just had to reply to a letter… did they make a mistake?

Hi Myles … welcome to the canteen.

Regretably not.

Extract from our own Lord Kitch :


Caree in hospital ?

I hope it’s not longer than 28 days as we will have to stop your Carers Allowance ration> . Travelling each day to visit your caree and / or staying over ? How good of you but don’t expect us to pick up the tab.

On many occasions , we will release your caree early … don’t want then overstaying , do we ? Time for you to practice those nursing skills at home … cannot afford to waste valuable NHS resources , can we ?

Full sp on the effects on benefits for both the caree and the carer :
Hospital and benefits - Turn2us


Hospital and benefits - Your partner’s or carer’s benefits when you go into hospital.