Carer's Allowance to stop whilst Caree in Hospital

I am a Carer for my 90 yr old aunt. She has been in hospital for almost 4 weeks and may be there for several weeks (or months to come) I understand that after 4 wks her Attendance Allowance will stop as will my Carer’s Allowance. I am her only Carer/ relative and visit her most days in hospital. (Takes up to 5 hrs of the day) She is profoundly deaf and has learning difficulties. My presence is not only to give her some conversation but also to liaise with Drs, nurses, physios, Care co ordinators etc. I still do other little bits for her and am presently clearing her flat gradually in anticipation of her going into care although this may not happen. She may return home again. Before I contact the Benefits Service I thought I would ask for others experience of this. Might they continue these benefits? Thank you.

Welcome aboard, CityGirl! As far as the DWP is concerned, it’s my understanding that they consider that the NHS takes full responsibility for your aunt’s care - even if they are relying on you to provide it. No exceptions that I’ve ever heard of have worked. I very much doubt that this has changed, I’m afraid, but it’s yet another of those areas that is utterly ridiculous.

Citygirl, It’s a bit late for a reply now, but honeslty after having had the pointy end of the benefits agency stick, I’d not say a thing. Let them come to you - they won’t.

The hospital won’t contact the DWP, and nor will the duty social worker. The system is so broken that there’s no interrelation between departments at any level.

Honestly I wouldn’t worry about it.