Mum has gone out again

We cannot keep my mother in, she is supposed to be staying in until August, she has so many things wrong with her. Now she has gone out again when her food shop is being delivered. She for some reason has taken up drinking vodka and if she runs out she started going out to buy it. She is drinking too much as she forgets she already had some. We do not know what to do anymore, now she is not going to have any fresh food or milk.

Hi Carol,

what a worry.

Who is delivering the food? Could they leave it out of view of the road or with a neighbour?

Your Mum’s behaviour does sound increasingly worrying and out of character. I remember her GP is of no help, are there any other professionals supporting her you could contact instead?


We had this with my Nan. It was Sherry though…we spoke to the local shop who was very understanding when we asked them to stop selling it. They started telling her it was out of stock.

The only problem may be that it sends your mum further to look for it…

The shop said that they had the same issue with a gentleman but his tipple was scotch, they stopped selling at the request of the family as well.
Is it a local shop your mum goes to ? Maybe have a word with them…

I know you shouldn’t laugh but my Nan started getting headaches…which we put down to a hangover every day. She just simply never remembered having her bedtime sherry…so she would have another…and another.
Alas it all came to a end when she kept phoning British Gas to get them to come out and switch her fire on for her every evening resulted in them switching it off at the mains as she wasn’t competent enough to use it…so no heating meant she had to be moved to a home for her own safety.

Fingers crossed you find a solution…it’s not easy x x

She goes to a large Sainsburys and they wouldn’t know who she is, they would have trouble hiding all their bottles. I think she does forget she has had some and that is why she is going through so much. We have taken to buying it again as it is safer than her going out. She was never a drinker before, maybe the odd shandy.