Mum has died - so sad for her, how to get through the day

I’m so sorry to hear about your mum. My dad had Parkinson’s and cancer and died early June everything feels so strange and weird without him. I looked after him for so long hopefully we will both get through this in time. Wishing you all the best try and keep occupied if you can I think that helps a bit :heart::heart:

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Ah, hugs to you Nikki Anne. I’m so sorry. And I do understand that strange weird feeling. Yes, let’s hope we can both find our “new normal” over time. xx

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to say thank you for all your support last week when I was feeling so isolated and lost after my mum died. It was a very long day on my own and your kind interactions really helped me get through it.

Since then I’ve been up and down as you would expect. Mainly, it feels like grieving now which is a step forward, although there have been some bleaker moments - and the funeral can’t be for another couple of weeks so I don’t know how that will be.

But just as I was about to post my thanks to you I saw what I thought was a profound and encouraging speech (interview?) online by Minnie Driver. Not sure if links are allowed here, but it’s on the Sky News website, titled “Minnie Driver, Lessons From Trauma.” She says that the death of her mother made her feel like her life had stopped. Then she spoke about how gradually “light gets in” and that the best and last gift her parents gave her was her appreciation for life and an ability to understand what living in the present really means. She says it much better than this, though!

While I imagine a big Hollywood star doesn’t have some of the practical problems many of us face at this time, she is is human as the rest of us and I found this such an optimistic and uplifting speech to hear. I thought some of you might also like it.

Thanks again everyone x