Multiple personality disorder

My caree has been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, also known as Dissociative identity disorder.
I am seeking advice information and support on this, Mental health services haven’t been much help, so my caree is seeing a private therapist, managing to scrape the money together for this.

My caree needs long term therapy, the NHS we were told will only give 6-8 sessions and then that’s it.

Can anyone advise, I have talked to Rethink who have advised the G.P. but his hands are tied long waiting list, short term of therapy.
I asked about visting nurses, a community pyschiatric nurse, oh we don’t do that any more.

Short of MIND , little else on the horizon if those listed cannot provide a solution :

It is absolute rubbish that there is no ongoing support any more. There are teams of psychiatric community nurses in every area, whose job it is to support people with long term issues (although the patient has to agree to this, which sometimes causes a problem). Get on the phone to your local mental health trust and insist on a reassessment for ongoing support - and if you have no luck, keep escalating it higher up the management chain, until you find someone who will get it sorted. They 100% rely n the fact that people will not push for help because they are bursting at the seams - but you should have a case manager/key worker in the NHS, even if you are paying for top-up therapy privately.

My caree took an overdose, phoned up an ambulance, I met her in A&E, she has had a lot of issues in her life was at rock bottom, I sat with her in A&E for hours, no food or drink was offered. No one talked to her, she would have been left in a cubicle completely on her own, she could easily have walked out and who knows what would have happened.
The 4 hours came and went, the crisis team was having a crisis, a lady came from the crisis team , listened for 10 minutes and gave my caree some leaflets and said she could go home.

There was no referral to mental health services, no follow up, yes there is a mental health team, but the majority of mental health issues are dealt with by the G.P.
The G.P. did nothing no contact, wasn’t even mentioned at the review.

There are supposed to be suicide prevention initiatives, where are they? , people are socially isolated, depressed, suffering from chronic health conditions, in pain all the time depressed and anxious.

You say push for an assessment, she has been assessed but uneligible for help.

Just the same with social services, 2 women come out with clipboards, listen to the issues, and say no you are not entitled to any help, walk out, get in the car drive off.

It was only later that my caree was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder by a private therapist.

You say talk to higher and higher up, it all takes time and energy that exhausted carers just haven’t got.

I have complained before, takes months and a report comes back full of errors.

I went through the mental health system i had to wait almost 2 years to see someone.

I have had mental health problems for almost 30 years been carer to people with mental health problems, how many pyschiatric nurses have i met, answer NONE.