Adult surviver of child abuse

Looking after a lady who suffered abuse in her childhood, almost 40 years ago now but still suffering the effects of it.

Has been in and out of mental health services most of her adult life, but just isn’t getting the help she

needs to move on with her life.

Went to A&E almost 2 years ago, not much help, I just don’t think they understand the implications of childhood abuse.

Simply told to contact the local councelling agency but they don’t deal with PTSD or BPD.

Was diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder in her twentys.

She gave up with mental health services, mental health services gave up with her.

Useless NHS lady “we can’t do anything about personality disorder”

So has been left with little help for years, was getting therapy but that is very off and on at the moment.

I have looked and very little in her town, nearest help 20 miles away and their office is closed due to Corona.

How can I help this lady and where do I get support myself?

Has been mentioned in carers assessments but no help supplied.

The ladys GP knows about the abuse but again hasn’t done much.

I am just being there for her, shoulder to cry on, helping her shopping etc when too scared to go out the house.

I will be emailing a few places but any one got experience about this, what to do, how to help.

Just been told to ring the Samaritans when things get bad, clearly she needs a lot more help than that.

A friend volunteers for the Samaritans, they are getting fed up with people being told to ring them instead of the NHS providing the support they need!

she needs a referral to a service/charity that specialise in domestic violence, rape and sexual abuse. A friend of ours had to wait many months after referral but once she started counselling, her journey to closure began. I don’t know what services/charities operate in your area.
In response to support for yourself - I’m afraid I don’t know. However, self care as a place to start.


Thanks Melly had a good look but not much available, this is as they call it “historic abuse”

Most places are closed due to Corona but are accepting emails, emailed one place.

I have seen a few programmes on TV, the NHS just don’t give long term support anymore.

About 10 sessions and that’s it leaving people who have been abused suffering complex mental health issues

just not getting the support they need, lurching from one crisis to the next.

Bowlinbun on the websites I have looked at it states in an emergency the Samaritans are open 24/7.

There just is no other place open available for help.

A lot of the Mental health Crisis lines have been cut, used to be one in my area but just doesn’t exist anymore.

You are supposed to contact the GP, have a crisis from 9-5 not in the evenings and weekends.

A few of my carees have mental health issues, NONE are receiving any treatment/support from the NHS.

Let’s hope that now Prince William is raising the profile of Mental Health, that things will change.

Hello Londonbound

I’ve just sent you a private message with some other suggestions of support for lady that you are looking after.

With good wishes


NHS England has announced a strategy to give lifetime Mental Health care support for sexual assault victims.

What about access to counselling for long term carers?!?!