Moving from Australia back to UK


After 19 years in Australia we are facing a return to UK (all citizens). Our son has high needs & I am a full time carer. I have read that benefits may depend upon a residency test?? Would this apply to us or are returning citizens exempt? To make it possible benefits would be needed asap…Any info very much appreciated…

Hi Steven … welcome to the form.

AGE UK have guidance on their web site for ex pats returning to the UK :

Returning to the UK after living abroad | Age UK
( Page 3 … Habitual Residence bit. )

More from the CAB … benefits :

British and Irish citizens - claiming benefits - Citizens Advice

A minefield wherein most of the mines appear on the map ?

Feel free to bounce anything off us on the caring site of things.

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I lived in the Pilbara (worked in Roebourne Hospital) for three years, and keep in touch with the friends we made. We once drove 9,000 miles in 5 weeks to go to a steam rally near Ballarat, and then tour round the Eastern States, and went back in 2003 and 2005 for two great holidays.
I know that there is some sort of “reciprocal agreement” as far as National Insurance contributions are concerned, what we paid there counted here, but I don’t know about other benefits.
Sadly, our youngest son was brain damaged when he was born, and getting the right services can be a nightmare. I’d strongly recommend lots of research before moving to find out where the best and worst services are, and that will be difficult.
How old are you, your son, and any other members of the family?

NHS services eligibility is residency based, not citizenship.

I came back from America to look after my mother. I found I couldn’t claim carers allowance until I d been in the UK for two years, per government website information.

Yep … a REAL minefield … as Steven is probably finding out ?

Nothing from Steven on the caring side … high needs mentioned … that could be interesting ?

( Covered by AGE UK in the link posted earlier. )