Mouthwash for parent with dementia

My Father is in his 90’s with Dementia and is now having difficulty cleaning his remaining teeth. Although he can drink using a straw, he can’t really hold a cup and can’t always ‘spit’ water out when he’s brushing. He keeps swallowing toothpaste which makes him cough and affects his breathing. His Carer has suggested he use a mouth wash that can be swallowed. Anyone know of any products I could use? Listerine is too harsh and shouldn’t e swallowed anyway. TIA.

Most mouthwashes are not something you can safely swallow, because of either the fluoride content or because of the ethanol content.
I did find this one, though. Might have to cheat and dissolve it in a small amount of water first rather than pour the powder onto the tongue. Swish To Go 3-in-1 Mouthwash Powder, Mint Fresh, 2 g, Pack of 20 : Health & Personal Care

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No but try asking around