Toothbrush Advice for my Sister

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I trust all is well,

Im seeking advice i am a 26 year old male looking after my 17 year old sister, she has Down Syndrome & suffers from spasms frequently, and I need advice, being the sole carer for her now for the last year since mum left im quite new to the whole thing,

Her old toothbrush which was a standard toothbrush was old & I promised id get her a new one, so i go around Tesco & get her one, but she wants a electric toothbrush, I don’t like treating her differently or telling her she can’t have anything if i can’t have them, however I am concerned about her spasms, as it’s electric & alot heavier than your standard toothbrush it might hurt her, i found this FOREO ISSA 2 | Compare Prices & Save | Cosmetify, which might be good for her but i wanted to hear your thoughts & if it’s a good idea or if it could damage her?



I don’t really see how it could damage her and it certainly looks a good toothbrush Easy to operate and she won’t need to remember to charge it very often. If you’re really concerned you could ask your sister’s dentist for advice? He will be familiar with her spasms and Downs and might be very helpful. Another alternative is to see if the Downs Syndrome Association have any specific advice.

EIther way that toothbrush you linked to is gorgeous! I can feel myself wanting to save up for it but again, I’m going to take my dentist’s advice at my next regular checkup.

You can buy a special toothbrush for sensitive teeth. I have heard that there are toothbrushes for children with Down syndrome that make brushing as painless and pleasant as possible.

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