Can't Blink an Eyelid When Caring for Dementia

I had the scare of my life today, Mum has a tickly cough and has been sucking strepsils.

Mum had her usual pill at 6:30 which she swallows, then asked for a strepsil which she proceeded to pick up her drink put in her mouth and try to swallow. I screamed so loud I think the entire street heard, DON’ T SWALLOW THAT!

If I hadn’t been there she would have tried to swallow the strepsil with a swig of water and probably choked to death.

Gosh Alan, that was a scary moment. Good job you were there to intervene and did so, so quickly. Looks like the Strepsils will have to be supervised. Perhaps ask the pharmacist for a recommendation of an alternative that won’t matter if swallowed whole.