Mother/Daughter Direct Payment

Here is another case that proves employing your family members to care for the vunrable is allowed.

2nd November
Praise for Powys Council’s direct payments system
By Nick Knight

A NORTH Powys woman has praised the Direct Payments system which allows more choice and control over her 107-year-old

mum’s social care provision.

Sheila Cooke’s mum, Ursula Hodgson, is one of hundreds of people in the county who now

receive their social care via Direct Payments – with assistance from her daughter.

And now Powys County Council says that this could be the option for many more as Direct Payments give people greater control over their lives and how their care is delivered by promoting independence,

choice and inclusion.

Mrs Hodgson receives money from the county council that she can then use to employ people to provide her care. This is managed on her behalf by her daughter Mrs Cooke.

Mrs Cooke said: “Direct Payments really have made a big difference to Mum’s life. Mum can choose the people she wants to come and look after her, she can

get up and go to bed when she wants and it means that she is able to continue living in her own home with the support she needs.”

“I’d certainly recommend it to others – it’s allowed Mum to continue living as part of the family. She’s able to see the great grandchildren play football when she wants and attending my daughter’s wedding

last year just wasn’t an issue,” added Mrs Cooke.

Cllr Myfanwy Alexander is the council’s Cabinet Member with responsibility for Adult Social Care. She added: "Direct payments are a flexible way of supporting residents, allowing them to decide what provision

is best for them.

“Service users of all ages can benefit from building up a support packages which suits them and their families.”

Mrs Cooke purchases carers from her preferred domiciliary care agency, although most people use the funding to directly employ personal assistants or purchase services to meet their care needs. To help

with all aspects of Direct Payments, the council has contracted PeoplePlus Independent Living Services. This agency gives support and assistance with understanding what Direct Payments can be used for, such as recruitment, employing personal assistants and

ongoing advice and guidance around all aspects of managing direct payment accounts.

If you’d like to find out more Direct Payments then visit

Direct Payments - Powys County Council or call the council’s ASSIST service on 0345 602 7050.

You can find out more about PeoplePlus’ service at

Nothing in the above to suggest that family members can be employed via Direct Payments ?