More than 1 disabled/carer in home


If they are 2 disabled people living in the household who have 2 carers looking after them.

e.g. 1 for shower and bathing/clothing other for outdoor activities and household bills, travel, shopping

can all them be assessed and supported by the local authority within the same household?

Hi Pipsy.

2 disabled persons … first step , a Needs Assessment from their LA.

2 carers … I assume paid care workers , and not family / kinship carers ?

In which case , said care workers … employed by whom … the disabled persons or brought in from an outside agency ?

In either event , they will be dependent on the disabled persons ability to pay.

Assuming Direct Payments are NOT already been paid to the disabled persons.


If the 2 disabled people who are recipients of direct payment managed by an agency for payroll. If the 2 individuals who get direct payments can they both employ the same or different carers/PA’s within the same household?

Would the local authority not see that only 1 carer can care for the 2 disabled adults at the same time? which is impossible due to the many tasks involved in caring, which those that don’t do the job have no idea.

Back to the use of DPs for family members ?

Carers UK Advice Team as previously recommended.

ANYTHING connecting DPs to family members !

( If you are looking at artificial schemes to get round this problem , please bear in mind the outside agencies needed to be
satisfied … LA / DWP / HM Revenue & Customs … each could look at any schene from their angle … might pass one , possibly
two but … all three ???

In addition , Employment Law … and all that legislation that needs to be complied with.)

Your last post was confusing.
What are the LA saying?