Caring For 3 people


If 3 different people are getting direct payments from the same authority can 3 of them employ you to work for them say each of them 20 hours per week?


Yes … provided that they are not related to the paid care worker.

According to the care act 2014 they can employ relatives depending on valid reasons, which can be decided by an ombudsman or care commission if they reject which they do at 1st.

Back to square one ?

Direct Payments MAIN thread :

A case of employer / employee and not caree / carer … and the whole can of worms that relationship will open up.

The Care Act Statutory Guidance says that an authority shouldn’t refuse to pay relatives.
So much depends on individual circumstances. Vital that you get proper advice.

Yep … covered in the main thread.

Time for CUK’s Advice Team to divi up and let us on the forum know how matters are progressing … or not.

After all , it was me / us that spotted the dangers in the first place !

As mentioned before … direct payments … the problem has been with us all for a decade !!!