I’m struggling my son as hydrocephalus he’s in a wheelchair I don’t drive I have a baby that’s 9 month and in a pram my sons 5 can’t push his own wheelchair I’ve become a prisoner in my house I can’t drive wish I could but driving lessons are so dear and can’t find any charities to help as family fund don’t do them any more I’m at breaking point I feel like I’m letting my children down I’m feed up as anyone every had this problem and can give advice please

Hi Leanne, welcome to the forum.
When did your son last have a Needs Assessment, and you a Carers Assessment, from Social Services?
It is possible they might fund some of your driving lessons, or someone to help push your son, or care for him at home, so you can get out.
After your assessment, ask the Social Worker if she could approach either the Lions or Rotary Club on your behalf, anonymously. I know our local Rotary can sometimes help with things like this.
Presumably your son is now in receipt of DLA Mobility?
(My own son is now 39, brain damaged at birth).

Yes he’s now getting high rate mobility I’ve just had a career assement and because my son is not over 18 there’s not a lot they can do for my and social services say there buget is thight and will not do anything to help us I just feel like I’ve hit a brick wall it’s so hard

Sorry Leanne, but they are telling you huge fibs!!

Your son is disabled so he is entitled to a Needs Assessment and you a Carers Assessment. Their budget is not your concern, they have to assess and MEET eligible needs.

What local authority do you come under? (Don’t say exactly where you live though).

Oldham is what we come under I had a cares assement they told me there was nothing they could do as funds they have is for people that care for people over the age of 18 years old and my son is only 5 social services don’t want to no as funding is short my big problem at the moment is my son Gos to school in a taxi and at 2.50 when he finishes he’s being brought home same way but as people no hydrocephalus is dangerous and his shunt could give up any time it takes me an hour and 20 mins to get to school on a bus so if he’s to fall poorly during the day and school ring me I have to get on the bus there which means I can’t get there fast if it’s bad I’m worrying all the time there’s just nothing I can do and school are now saying its a concern to them as well I just don’t no where to turn

Your son is entitled to legal aid unless he has savings of over about £6,000, because the council are failing to meet their statutory duties, a posh way of saying “doing what they are supposed to be doing”!
Just google “legal aid Oldham” and you should find someone. I did this for my own son. Don’t worry, it’s very easy to do, and nothing to be worried about.
My other suggestion would be to ask the Council, in accordance with the 2014 Care Act, to provide an “advocate” for you, and one for your son, as you are “having difficulty making your voice heard”. They should not refuse this either.