mental health

i am a main carer for my wife who has bi polar disorder she can be violent , she can demand sex ,she can be psychotic manic , i have lived and suported my wife for 24 yrs with out the right support and understanding . and yet i have stress , reactive depression , chronic pain , we have been under adult social care , social services , red cross , carers break , the problem is there is never a long term care plan , i am cress reg and when i have been up the hospital i say to my wife to activate cress and all the advisors say is to contact mental health but they are the ones who are suppose to support carers when they are in trouble so no help is given , even when i have been up the hospital before cronavirus the hospital has contacted my wife and had a go at her for me being at the hospital , there has been lots of issues with so called support services and lots of complaints to hospitals , dr services , adult social care , social services , all though you complain nothing really gets done about the issue with support services …

You have a lot on your plate.

I too have found support services not supportive.

Meaning myself and hubby took the brunt of looking after our adult autistic son as no one else had the skill or expertise to do so…and that was before Corona.

Now with Corona in the away, it is hard to see past it right now.

But I know it will pass even if its up to two years!

one problem i find is when proffessionals say i cant help you but these can and you go to the next proffessional who says the same so how do you get support ? from so called proffessionals as i have got reactive depression i cant get help from mental health or from someone like health in mind so people like me are stuck in the middle trying to get the right support while they are trying to support there loved ones and tried to get support for 24 yrs and had done past overdoses so it makes me angry when i see" care of the carers ", well where is the support then ! we did have carers break and red cross for 6 weeks 2 hr a week nothing from carers association as they didnt have a worker that deals with bi polar disorder so its down to me to support my wife no matter if she hits out as i know she cannot help it …