Lost my Dad

I lost my Dad whom I cared for also…
13th August 20 he was 102yrs, he was my world for 11yrs then 6yrs I became his full-time carer.
Not only did I lose my Dad, my job, and my home as well… I am falling apart inside and out I feel like I’m going crazy as it’s been non stop,


I’m sorry for the loss. It takes a long time for things to settle down again.

I’m concerned that you say you have lost your home as well. Would you be able to tell us what has happened?

Hi Amildar

So sorry and condolences for loss of your Dad. What an amazing age and how wonderful. And you gave amazing care!!

Were you full time in the home over the years you cared for your Dad. Can we ask you age and do you have other family member.

You say…
I’m going crazy as it’s been non stop. Have you been the only person dealing with things.

this us strange because I can’t type fast enough and this isn’t simple