Looking for help with funding?

Good Morning,
Please can anyone point me towards a charity who would help/part help with my gym funding this year, I am not asking anyone for money nor am i asking Carers Uk for funding, I just need some help finding the right charity that helps with this type of thing, Last yr membership was £200, This yr the same membership is £390, It’s not a fancy gym just the one run by the local council, It’s way out of my reach, I have contacted the Princess Royal Trust for Carers who are local to me a number of times by email/phone/facebook/ but to date have never had any contact, Kind regards, and thank you for any advice offered

My gym membership is now funded by the council as part of my Carers Assessment. You don’t need charity, you need what is rightfully yours. When did you last have a Carers Assessment??


Is this means tested?

I got nothing at all after my carers assessnent


Some Gym’s give carers discounts have you asked.

Hi there, I asked for one, 6 yrs ago, i rang a couple of yrs ago to ask to be reassessed and was told “no you don’t need us to do that” I give up

I think alot has to do with where you live and the type of council you live under, I have never been offered any help in any way with any thing, I know what it says online but trying to get it is another matter, many thanks

The only way I get anything is by making formal complaints. Your LA are ignoring the legislation.

it does make me angry, but onwards and upwards i am ringing my council today

Go to your LA website, search for “Adult Services Complaints” and register your complaint online, then this can’t be “buried” by your local office.