Advice needed asap!

HI all, I have rejoined a local hockey club to train weekly and play in matches at the weekends as a way to spend some time relaxing and get back in shape. (always loved hockey and used to play every weekend)

I’m loving training and playing but now the club has ended my free tasters and they want me to pay match fees and club fees.

I simply can not afford the costs. we are a very low income family, housing benefit covers the rent (private) we have a young daughter and neither my wife or i can work as she is disabled and i am her carer (she gets PIP and i get carers allowance) we scrape by each month and the club fee alone would take a huge chunk out of the money we use for bills.

I know that some other clubs have have applied for a grant or funding to support low income players and i’m wondering if anyone knows how i could access financial support??

possibly a carers grant or something carers support could offer?

or can i ask the club to contact a charity/government agency that could provide the finances directly to the club??

I need to come up with an idea fast so i can keep playing.

many thanks

Short of an Internet search … GRANTS FOR FAMILY CARERS … and wadding through the links , little else to suggest.

Then , add your manor to the search … some obscure ones can show up which are not revealed by the general search.

GRANTS FOR SPORTING ACTIVITIES FOR LOW INCOME EARNERS … also worth a punt … leaving out the carer tag.

They ARE out there , just a question of finding them.

Male pride ???

Crowdfund … an option in this Sad New World … the modern version of a begging bowl ?

Have you had a Carers Assessment recently ? You may be able to access some funds for “extra curricular” activities that way or try the Grants section of this website

When did you last have a Carers Assessment? It’s really important for carers to keep fit and look after yourself. If it’s OK for people to have gym membership funded, then you should have this funded too.

Yes. I would see about updating your carers’ assessment or start a new request if you haven’t had one already.

Just a thought - but, it could be that the club would agree to ‘pay your fees’ - ie, waive them in effect. Or, possibly, get them paid by other members. The reason I say is that IF they could set it up as some kind of ‘pro bono/non-profit’ deal, then other members, if they contributed, could then offset their ‘donation’ against tax themselves!

This is done by some organisations - eg, membership of the National Trust counts as a ‘charitiable donation’ as far as the taxman is concerned (even though it is not a charity), so I can declare my membership fees on my tax return and it offsets against my income.

So, it MIGHT be that other members would be happy to, effectively, ‘give’ you the money (as in, you wil lbe the beneficiary eventually) (as in, they will give to the club, who will then give free membership to you), because what is in it for them is an increase by the same amount of their tax free personal allowance!

Just a thought!

Hi, i have spoken to the club and they have said they will cover the cost of the 2 games ive already played but thats it. They wont even help me cover the cost of a shirt.

I had a carers assessment last year, its difficult because there isnt a carers hub or office for miles and its hard to get them to come out to me. How can i contact them and ask about getting a grant/funding through them?

Ive searched the internet and asked CAB and even asked other sports clubs. im drawing a blank.

I have training on Thursday so i need to know asap.

My wife used her savings to buy me a new hockey stick, boots and stick bag for xmas and ive already had the presents so i dont want to let her down by not playing.

The National Trust is most definitely a charity, which is why taxman allows it as a deduction, and gift aid can be claimed on it.
They are registered charity 205846

The Carers Assessment should be done by Social Services, annually, and you should have a written copy afterwards, This is a legal requirement. If you can’t get to them, they should come to you.