Looking after my mum

I care for my mum. It is becoming really hard, as have a mental illness due to covid.
I suffer from OCD which makes me very anxious, so looking after my mum is so hard

Hi Graham & welcome

What do you find the hardest thing you are trying to tackle. Somethings we can’t control but if broken down in to small pieces may become manageable.

In an ideal world and a magic wand what would you like to happen.

What other help does Mum have other than you? What ages are you and Mum? What is troubling Mum with regards to Covid.

Everyone here understands that caring gets harder and harder. It’s not just our parents getting older, it’s us too!
Tell us a bit more about mum, and we might be able to make a few suggestions.
Rent her home, or own it?
Do you live with her, or have a home of your own?
Is mum getting Attendance Allowance or PIP?
Are you an only child?
(Back later, grandson here today, he’s poorly, so with me so his mum can go to work).