Locking down Leicester as cases surge

Coronavirus UPDATES: Government ‘considers locking down Leicester as cases surge’
The government is said to be considering a lockdown for Leicester as cases increase in the city.
Health Secretary Matt Hancock is said to be considering “all options”, including new restrictions in the event of a spike in infections, reports the Sunday Times.
The East Midlands city of 350,000 people is said to have reported 658 coronavirus cases in the two weeks to June 16.


Hiya Dean, It’s going to be a regular thing locking down areas where COVID is spiking. I wonder which will be next?

We all now know Leicester is in lock down, it’s scary as it’s close to me.

This is going to be a common thing, cities, towns being shutdown. So many stupid’s out there thinking the PANDEMIC is over, Coronavirus is still out there and still a killer!

I lived in leicester for 16 years and my kids were born there.

One of my Leicester friends posted a video on FB the other day showing BLM protestors in their thousands congregated in a small area of Leicester around the clock tower. You could not have slid a pice of paper between them they were that close! The wording was “Leicester is in lockdown again and nobody seems to know why. This is why!”
i just wish people would stop being so stupid and so selfish and think about the dangers of what they are doing.

Another reason why there has been a surge is because of the very large extended families who all live in the same house so viruses and illnesses spread rapidly.

The Leicester Mercury are reporting that all over the city there are factories which make garments and they employ totally Asian workforces and they have been working all through lockdown in very poor conditions and the council have turned a blind eye.

They expect Bradford, Rotherham, Barnsley, Rochdale etc to be next.

And still the council and Police do nothing! Several illegal factories were visited on Friday and no closure notices were issued. Work that out!