Lobbying Act guidance

With the Westminster General Election now confirmed for Thursday 4 July, we will be working hard over the next five weeks to make sure carers and our manifesto are firmly on the agenda of all political parties.

While this is a great opportunity to raise carers’ voices, it is very important that as a Carers UK member who uses the forum, you are particularly aware of the Lobbying Act during this time.

Please read the guidance below which contains information about the Lobbying Act and the General Election:

How must Carers UK act during the election campaign?

  • Carers UK must remain politically neutral and non-party political.
  • Carers UK must not influence voting intention and should not endorse any political party, or type of candidate.
  • Carers UK cannot comment on party manifestos (unless asked) and we cannot ‘like’ them on social media
  • Carers UK cannot re-tweet or share anything from a political party on social media.
  • Carers UK will not re-tweet or share any comments either for or against a particular party on social media.

As a user of our forum, Carers Connect, please do not comment on or post for or against any political parties or try to influence anyone’s voting intentions.

In your other activities as a member of Carers UK:

@Carers UK is calling on all political parties to prioritise unpaid carers ahead of the #GeneralElection on 4 July. Sign their open letter to the future Prime Minister, to help ensure every carer gets the support they need. www.carersuk.org/GeneralElection2024

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, please email membership@carersuk.org