APPG on Carers launches survey into the development of a future National Carers Strategy – please respond by 7 March 2024

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Carers has today launched a new survey regarding its long-standing call for the UK Government to develop a new cross-Government National Carers Strategy.

Having already gratefully received evidence from unpaid carers and organisations who represent them, the APPG is now doing a more detailed piece of work to better understand what the objectives of a future National Carers Strategy should be and is seeking the focused input of carers and other stakeholders.

The survey is open to current and former unpaid carers, as well as to organisations who support them, including local and national carers’ organisations, other VCSE organisations, academics, employers, local government stakeholders, NHS England, and social care providers.

CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO TAKE THE SURVEY - which will remain open for 4 weeks for responses and close on 7 March 2024.

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Carers - developing a future cross-Government National Carers Strategy Survey (

The findings of the work will be published at the end of the exercise by the APPG on Carers and will be widely shared with unpaid carers and other relevant stakeholders.

You can find the PR that Carers UK have issued today on behalf of the APPG on Carers, here.

Carers UK provides the Secretariat for the APPG on Carers and has published the survey on the APPG’s behalf. You can find out more information about the APPG on Carers, here.

hi @Paola_Carers_UK I’ll try and answer when I have time
could you ask them to read Emily Kenway’s book with government advice - it’s forensic research AND a carers perspective. It provides essential advice and ideas for realistic solutions.

leverage the work of Hilary Cottam: Hilary Cottam: Social services are broken. How we can fix them | TED Talk

Personally I’ve answered many surveys, and will continue speaking up (even when I’m cynical), but both these ladies have done years of research, already presented viable, tested solutions with measured outcomes (Hilary Cottam)
At a glance the survey has checkbox prompts to answer - as a former market researcher - this demonstrates there are ‘leading’ questions, with options only presented within the context of what the existing system thinks it can do.

The evidence and project by Hilary Cottam as a designer - reimagines the existing system
As per many small projects, volunteer or community projects, sustaining and funding these independently of the existing institutions which hold funds is a minefield.

Bottom line - I’ll definitely fill in the survey, regardless but directly ask you and Carers UK to push the evidence that already exists to APPG. Thank you!

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Hi @Victoria_1806 Than you for the feedback, that’s very helpful. I’ll share it with the Team.
Who Cares is a very insightful book, I’ve not ready yet, it has great reviews!

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Welcome @Paola_Carers_UK Please do, unfortunately but realistically I’m cynical about ‘tick-box’ exercises of feedback

I’ve read ‘Who Cares’ a couple of times now - I recommend clicking on youtube and watching the interviews she does.
I only heard about her through the interview she did with @Michael_CarersUK and she highlights the Cuppas by Carers UK as a lifeline for her when she was caring for her Mum.
She just did a podcast episode with mobilise

Emily Kenway has the facts, the evidence and is doing a PhD in Social Policy AND is active in the media.
Here’s a video I’m transcribing for my website
A startling fact she highlights at 20:21mins

So the Care Act is going to give five days of unpaid leave as a right to caregivers so anyone in one year can take a whole five days unpaid yeah unpaid
Whereas the neonatal Care Act which I must admit I have vested interest in I’ve campaigned for it a number of years ago but it will offer up to 12 weeks additional parental leave which is paid for parents of children who are born prematurely and that just looked to me like this really really stark demonstration of how we don’t understand caregiving which isn’t in that parent-child’s dynamic

A few minutes later she & the interviewer Clare say:

I 100% obviously support it but it’s such a to win paid to win substantial paid leave for sick babies is like an absolute no-brainer like what kind of moral Human Society doesn’t have that and it’s kind of an example of us again choosing to kind of have the the kind of acceptable victim you know the acceptable thing. Meanwhile your 55 year old really overwhelmed woman who’s trying to work part-time has a parent with dementia has another parent with Parkinson’s or whatever you know it’s not as palatable

Hilary Cottam has an OBE and is known for her work on social policy-design and change


I have filled in the Survey.

My suggestions were a
A Dedicated Minister for Carers - not the one in charge of Social Care.
For Mental Capacity to be looked at as I feel it is way too much on the side of the person being cared for especially in dementia cases where the caree can be mentally and physically abusive. More Geriatric Mental Health Support and beds. A dedicated professional who could offer support to someone trying to care for someone with Mental Health issues.
For Medical Non Compliance to be looked into because the effect on the person trying to care, who is not medically trained is truly horrendous.


Survey completed. I actually found it slightly depressing. All the themes suggested were identical to at least two of the previous ones. This strategy, if it ever happens, MUST have sufficient teeth to actually deliver, or I’ve just wasted my time.


@selinakylie - Yes I also said we need a dedicated Minister for Carers and not one who is just lumped in with social care or who has a multitude of other responsibilities.

@Charlesh47 - I know what you mean about finding it slightly depressing. I was looking back on information from the manifesto of 2019 when the last General Election took place; but here we are 5 years on and very little has changed for the better.

The Carers UK 2019 Manifesto

  1. For carers to be placed at the heart of a reformed and properly funded system of social care.
  2. Ensure that carers and their families do not suffer financial hardship as a result of caring
  3. Funding for carers breaks needs to be increased, ring-fenced and made more transparent to ensure that many more carers are able to take a break.
  4. A National Health Service that recognises, values and supports carers.
  5. Ensure cares are able to juggle work and care with support to return to work alongside or after caring.
  6. Ensure a strategy of action plan is in place to support carers.
  7. Raising public awareness of carers and caring.

So far as I can tell, none of the above have actually happened or had any impact on carers in a meaningful way to their daily lives.

What have we been given? Oh yes, the Carers Leave Act which comes into force this April, giving a new statutory leave entitlement of 1 week of unpaid leave per year… big deal! Virtually useless for anyone who is managing to work and also care, and absolutely irrelevant to those who are doing unpaid caring full time and not in paid employment.

It would be laughable if it weren’t so damned depressing!