Living arrangements advice

My friend in her partner have been together for 13 years when they first met she had a previous child from another relationship he was aged five at the time they met. Now they have a 13 year old daughter together a 2 and a half years son together and she’s also pregnant again due at the beginning of next year her Sons suffers from psychosis he is 18 years old her partner has recently moved back to his dads saying he can’t deal with her eldest son mental health he stays on weekends when he’s not at work I can’t help but feel like this is wrong for him just to pack up and go back to his mum’s leaving her to take care of the family. He still helps with rent, bills etc it doesn’t help she’s pregnant again. a couple of years ago her son was mugged and stabbed and since then he suffered from social anxiety on top of his mental condition which makes things harder because he doesn’t really go out much so as always in he’s waiting to be re-homed in a supported housing system and when this is possible her partner said he will return home to the family home I just feel it’s wrong would love to help advise but I’m not really sure what to make of it any advice would be appreciated thank you

What a mess. I hope they are going to invest in some permanent birth control?!?! He needs to move to the supported housing asap, it’s unfair on him to have two young children around when he’s already struggling with his mental health, and equally unfair on the children too. Have arrangements been made for extra support when the baby arrives???

Hello Seekinginfo23,

I can really empathise with the situation. If the 18 year old is waiting for supported housing to become available, then I would assume there is an adult social worker involved whom your friend could contact.

My son experienced psychosis and other difficulties and I think the factor that pushed forward his application for provision that would meet his needs was that there were safeguarding issues involving his younger brother and pertaining to himself (with respect to his needs being met).

Because your friend is pregnant and there are young children at home, there may be factors that could amount to safeguarding and/or overcrowding. It may help if your friend has a word with the social worker who is working with her eldest to see what can be done to move her son’s accommodation and support forward.