Liverpool criticised by Ombudsman for failing disabled teena

Liverpool criticised by Ombudsman for failing disabled teenage siblings

Michael King, Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman, said:

“The council’s lack of initiative to deviate from its set policy of providing support has had a huge impact on this family. Not only have the teenagers not had the social support to which they were entitled, but the mother having to take on that role has affected her own health, friendships and social life.

“This poor handling of the family’s complaint was exacerbated by the council taking too long to rectify the family’s situation when it accepted it was wrong.

“I’m pleased Liverpool council has already agreed to amend its Direct Payments Policy and hope the measures it will put in place will ensure other families are not put in the same situation.”


The cost to the council for not meeting their needs was £1,350 in compensation and a further £14400 to be spent on the kids (£7,200 each) as compensation for the lost hours of support. Equivalent to about 8 hours a week each of support at £25 an hour for the time they were on reduced support.

The thing is, as with so many cases, it was a no-brainer. They were clearly getting it wrong, but all too often the authorities do something wrong and then get entrenched, seeing the complainant as a troublemaker. It happens far too often.

****Charles, the head of LD where I live has told staff not to talk to me, so that makes resolving things rather difficult.
M’s care plan says that I’m the Principal Carer but the SW didn’t invite me to M’s Annual Review, saying that it was up to HER who she chose to invite.
Totally contrary to the Care Act of course.

My GP wrote a letter to SSD telling them to sort out M’s care so I didn’t have to do anything. Ignored.

Then before you put in a complaint, contact the Ombudsman for advice. We did that a couple of times and it did help.

The LGO made all sorts of recommendations in 2018, and gave the LA time to implement them, but they never were. I went back to the LGO and gave details of the outstanding issues. The LA then changed the provider and subsequently told the LGO that things would now be fine. However, many of the recommendations have never been implemented.