Legal action against my LA

I’ve decided to start a new thread which will follow my complaint against the council concerning my son’s care package. In fact I’ve been complaining for years, but after a dreadful few weeks, I’ve employed a solicitor.
Initial fee £360. This covers reading the paperwork, and an initial letter to the LA.
It requires the council to reply within 14 days or they will apply for a judicial review.

I had to get legal aid for S when he was preparing to leave school, it did have a good outcome, but very stressful. ‘Funny’ (not) how the LA suddenly started sorting things out once his solicitor was liaising with their LA legal team.


BB I shall follow your thread with great interest. Appalling it’s had to go this far with you forking out so much money! Hopefully you will get a very satisfactory outcome. You should!

You have my support too Bowlingbun.
I hope your son gets the care package he needs and deserves. You’re a very good mum x

In the past I used the Ombudsman, but waited a very long time, about 2 years, only to find that he had failed to investigate a crucial matter properly.
The council clearly just think I’m a pain in the backside!