Failed solicitor

Social Services have failed my son and I over many years, so in desperation I paid a solicitor to help, last June.
The first went ill, none of her cases were transferred properly, then I spoke to a second in the same firm, and then a third.
I was promised so much, but after investing a lot of my time and my son’s money we have got absolutely nowhere.
I’ve met hopeless disorganisation and inefficiency.
Even worse, SSD wouldn’t deal with me directly as they were waiting for correspondence from the solicitor that never arrived.

I’ve just made a formal complaint and demanded a full refund of all fees charged, because they never ever did what they said they would.
Feeling VERY deflated.

BB am so sorry to hear this. You had high hopes that once again have been cashed. Refund of money and compensation should be granted. X

I asked for a formal written response to my complaint as this was required before the Ombudsman could investigate.
I also mentioned that there are other recent negative reviews on the internet.
Hopefully, this will ensure a swift refund!! I’ll keep you posted.

A good lawyer is priceless. Unfortunately there are far too many of the other kind. Hope you get your money back without incident

Charles, there were endless excuses, but the bottom line was that NOTHING had been done to resolve the long outstanding issues with the LA.
They couldn’t take over the phone payments, and then when I made a second bank transfer, and told them within an hour, they couldn’t find the payment for a month, and wouldn’t start do any work until they could.
They promised to send a receipt when payment was received, they still haven’t even done that!!!
I used to manage the accounts for a small hospital in Australia, dealing in thousands of dollars, but I reconciled all the accounts every single day. (Then when we reached the first day of the next month, there was no struggle to balance everything).

Oh BB,

I’m so sorry to hear this. I sincerely hope you are able to get a full refund and compensation. They need holding to account - another battle you really don’t need.


Thinking of you BB and yes, it is another battle that you do not need right now. I do so hope that you can at least get the money refunded.

So sorry to hear this Bowlingbun. You are usually so on top of things but this is somebody else’s incompetency.

I may have told you in a PM but for the first time in my life I have had to engage a solicitor. He is supposed to be an expert in his field but I think I could do better than him. So far he has charged me £650ish to write one letter. my friend was a legal secretary and warned me how solicitors fees mount up very rapidly so I don’t want to keep contacting him so he then has to keep replying and charging me!!

To say I am disappointed in him is an understatement.

You are such a strong person …… don’t let the b*****s grind you down. Xxx

I am so sorry you have been let down by your solicitor. You have been so strong over the years and fought so hard.
Have you heard of CASCAIDr? They have excellent information and may be able to point you in the direction of a solicitor who really knows how to battle the system. Good luck

I shall store that for future reference, Daisy.

How are things with you and your son?