Live In Carer

Hello everybody, I’m brand new here. I had the privilege of caring for an amazing woman with early onset, late stage Alzeimer’s for 14mths. She very sadly passed away in early May. She was such a joy to work with, I loved every minute, even the exasperating, repetitive, ones! Even the one’s where she was so frustrated & confused & scared that she lashed out & said vile things. I just loved her. I am now looking to work again with a dementia sufferer as that’s where my passion lies. I am at a loss as to where to look for positions like this one I just had, which was a private position; I was employed by her lovely husband. I hope this is not disrespectful posting here, but I am running out of options for where else to look for private live in work. If anyone is at the stage where they think they need f/t, live in care, please do contact me. I have an enhanced DBS & excellent references. Thank you for reading.

Hello Louise

I appreciate that you are offering your services as a live in carer because you think this would be of help to one of our members. However, we don’t allow advertising of products or services on the Forum so I’m going to lock this topic.

I wish you well with finding your next position.